Pottery 3-Day Full Course

The Pottery Full Course is suitable for complete beginners and as a refresher course for those who have tried wheel throwing before.

On this 3 day introductory course, you will learn the complete process of making ceramic ware. We'll teach you varying techniques of pottery, covering the process from clay preparation, throwing, trimming to glazing.

Rate: ₱10,600 per pax


Studio Capacity - 4 pax per session 

If you will be booking for 1-3 pax, you will be joined by other students. Staying safe and socially distanced during this time is of the utmost importance to us. We've organized our studio to ensure each person will be given proper space.



Session 1 - Preparation of clay, centering, opening, and pulling walls,  practice for making cylindrical pots and bowls (3-4 hours)

Session 2 - Trimming the bases of your pots, adding handles, and using tools and coloured clay slips for surface decoration. (3 hours)

Session 3 - Glazing and introduction to firing (3 hours)

The 3rd day is scheduled a week after day 2, when your creations have already been fired in the kiln. 

This course includes 3kg of clay per participant, this can make around 5-6 pieces. 


How to book: 

1. Visit this link: Pottery Full Course
2. Register and send us a copy of your payment receipt to secure your schedule. Email address: wabisabi.lftstyl.ph@gmail.com
3. If the schedule you prefer is not open, you may request to open the time (send us a direct message on Instagram @wabisabistudio.ph)
4. Join the class!


Everyone is required to wear a mask for the duration of the classes.
-Bring a towel and your own water tumbler to the session
-Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that you won't mind getting muddy.
-Trim your fingernails short and tie any long hair back, also remove any jewelry from hands.

Please go through the TERMS & CONDITIONS before booking your class




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  • Jessica Ebuen on

    Hi is the 3 day course always scheduled as 2consecutibe days and the third day is after a week? Can this dates be flexible?

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