Beginner's Pottery Full Course
Beginner's Pottery Full Course
Beginner's Pottery Full Course
Wabi Sabi PH

Beginner's Pottery Full Course

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Have you always wanted to learn pottery and create your own ceramics from start to finish? If so, our beginner wheel throwing course is the perfect place to start.

What will I learn?

During this five-session beginner pottery course, you will learn:

  • The ceramic process

  • How to wedge and recycle your clay

  • The foundations of wheel throwing

  • Trimming

  • How to glaze your work

  • How to attach handles and add surface decorations on your vessels

What will I make?

Over the course of the two weeks, you can make between 5 and 10 vessels, including a mix of cups, bowls, mugs, anything really!

What are we doing each day?

Day 1

  • The stages of clay

  • Wedging 

  • Wheel Throwing: Centering & Cylinders

Day 2 
  • Creating and attaching handles on mugs

  • Trimming & Decorating mugs

Day 3
  • Wheel Throwing: Bowls and Plates

Day 4
  • Hand Building & Sculpting

Day 5
  • Painting session 

Schedule: 2x per week
  • Tuesday & Wednesday, 10AM- 1PM
  • Saturday & Sunday, 10AM- 1PM 


The cost of the course includes the use of equipment during session times, clay, and firing.

It's important to choose a time slot that suits your schedule. We do not offer make-up sessions or allow swapping of days. After you have completed this course, you can return to the studio and book studio use and continue to create. 

Please note, spaces are limited. 

We require a minimum of three bookings in order to run this course. If we do not meet this minimum, we may cancel the course at any time and offer you a full refund or a credit to attend a course of the same value in the future.