Wabi Sabi Clay Kits

Wabi Sabi at Home

Give your mind a break and busy your hands with something different. Practice pottery at the comfort and safety of your own homes.

We’ll teach you the basics of hand building and painting ceramics over a virtual workshop. This is for any age and level of experience with clay making- everyone is welcome.

(available within Metro Manila and Cavite only. Or within a courrier's capacity)

What you’ll do

Here’s how the class will go:

  • We'll begin with a background of ceramics and go through the stages and characteristics of clay. 
  • Demonstration of hand building techniques. I will demonstrate coil, pinch and slab techniques.
  • Do it along - this part of the class will be interactive, so you can ask me questions or advice on how to make your desired forms.
  • Demonstration of using underglazes to color your work

After the online class, we will give you some time to finish up all your clay. Once you are ready to have them glazed and fired, you will need to have your works sent over the Wabi Sabi Studio for glazing and firing. In about 3-4 weeks after, we will have your finished works delivered to you!

What’s in the box?

  • Clay Kit
    • 2kgs Clay
    • Slip
    • Canvas
    • 8pc tool set
    • Rolling Pin
    • Wooden Guides
    • 1 Paint Brush
    • Underglaze set (4 colors)
    • Firing Pass 
    • Wabi Sabi Hand building Handout
  • Access to a group online zoom class 
  • Glazing and Firing Services 
  • Delivery of your kit 

Things you can use at home for a better experience:

  • Basin with water
  • Hand towel
  • Spray Bottle
  • Paint palette (makeshift or saucers will do!)

How do I sign up?

  • Register here: Wabi Sabi Clay Kit
  • Submit your proof of payment to wabisabi.lfstyl.ph@gmail.com to secure your slot 
  • Receive the Wabi Sabi Clay Kit 
  • Join the online class - you'll receive a link to a Zoom meeting. During the class, you can easily ask questions and get immediate responses. 
  • Finish your pieces
  • Send your works to the Wabi Sabi Studio for firing 
  • Glazing and Firing (3-4 weeks)
  • Receive your creations! 

If you'd like to request for a private class, please send a DM to our Instagram account @wabisabistudio.ph to inquire. 








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